Miscellaneous DRUG REP items for sale


These items are collectors' items and as such will not be cheap to purchase.

To purchase contact sholtomail-forsale@yahoo.com

Any new additions will be made at the bottom of the list.

Click on item to see enlarged image.

drug_rep_01.jpg drug_rep_03.jpg

Aerius 1GB USB memory stick

Arava sticky note pad with page markers Aspen metallic ruler
Cialis glass coaster Diamicron sticky note pad with page markers Daviobet magnifying glass with built in light
drug_rep_07.jpg drug_rep_08.jpg drug_rep_09.jpg
Lipitor correction tape Karvea correction tape Crestor correction tape
drug_rep_10.jpg drug_rep_11.jpg
Cialis mini stapler Vivaxim metallic paper clips Coversyl name badge
drug_rep_13.jpg drug_rep_14.jpg drug_rep_15.jpg
Caduet 2GB USB memory card Redipred flexible plastic ruler/magnifyer Transiderm Nitro torch
drug_rep_16.jpg drug_rep_17.jpg drug_rep_18.jpg
Panadeine pill box Sandomigran torch Coversyl torch
drug_rep_19.jpg drug_rep_20.jpg drug_rep_21.jpg
Aspen credit card-sized solar calculator Transiderm Nitro grip Spiriva metallic pen case
drug_rep_22.jpg drug_rep_23.jpg
Spiriva solar calculator
Display is partially faulty
Vioxx tongue depressors Risperdal Consta wooden coaster
drug_rep_22.jpg drug_rep_23.jpg drug_rep_24.jpg
Pariet glass coaster Genuine Cialis box (empty) Lantus laser pointer (power < 1mW)
drug_rep_22.jpg drug_rep_24.jpg
Lipidil sticky note pad with page markers Coversyl paedometer Plavix stapler with box of staples
Flaminal reading glasses (power +1.50) Plavix resuscitation mask Plavix / Karvea sticky note pad
drug_rep_22.jpg drug_rep_23.jpg drug_rep_23.jpg
Viagra writing pad Vioxx plastic ruler Metallic x-ray marking pen with refills
drug_rep_22.jpg drug_rep_23.jpg drug_rep_23.jpg
Bayer Health Care pen Bayer Men's Health carry bag Coversyl staple-less stapler
Micardis combination lock Cialis blood pressure cuff
Note: it does not have an internal bladder.
drug_rep_22.jpg drug_rep_23.jpg
Diamicron cordless mouse Plavix stapler with box of staples Lipitor medical grade magnifier
with built in 2x LED lights
drug_rep_22.jpg drug_rep_23.jpg
Sanofi synthelabo business card holder Somac desk clock / alarm / business card holder
(1 x CR2025 battery NOT INCLUDED)
Valtrex metallic box with internal mirror
Click image to see more pictures
Viagra gift box - 19cm x 14cm x 3.5cm Viagra stethoscope cover Viagra torch with belt clip
Duromine BMI calculator & waist measurement tape Norgesic holographic mouse pad Measure tape with spirit level
Measure tape with spirit level Iscover heavy metal stapler Vytorin paper clip
Aspen antibiotic sensitivity wheel
(~ 20cm in diameter)
Aspen antibiotic sensitivity wheel (respiratory) Aspen antibiotic sensitivity wheel (skin & soft tissue)
Aspen antibiotic sensitivity wheel (urinary tract) Flaminal plastic 30cm ruler Somac sleeping eye mask
Pariet metallic 3 x 7½cm paper clip Aspen sanitising hand gel Vioxx sanitising hand gel
Alcon 3m eye testing chart Alcon 3m eye testing chart Aspen 3m eye testing chart
Vioxx laminated skeletal system chart
35.5cm x 28cm
Vioxx laminate A4 skeletal system chart
(zoomed in section of previous photo)
pharynx & larynx anatomy poster
59.5cm x 42cm
respiratory system anatomy poster
59.5cm x 42cm
Magnetic thermometer
range: -20 → 50 degrees Celsius
InnoLet 13cm x 13cm rubber mat,
might be used to help open jars ???
Innolet 10cm x 14cm carry pouch "De-hydrated" Sanofi tea towel,
put it in water and it turns into a usable tea towel
Rulide tongue depressors
Actonel Combi tongue depressors Fosamax / Vioxx tongue depressors Alvesco TV or monitor dust cleaner
Squashy foot model - like a stress ball
10cm (length) x 5cm (width) x 7.5cm (height)
Plastic foot shaped tray
37cm (length) x 15cm (width) x 5.5cm (height)
Thin Pristiq paper mat
68cm x 50cm
Large Pristiq plastic sheet
196cm x 110cm
Nurofen medicine droppers Elocon tube winder
Aspen iPen Tourniquet Olmetec paper mat
Vytorin bandage Vytorin tourniquet Vytorin plessor
Ezetrol alcoholic wipes Olmetec stethoscope covers NuvaRing model of female pelvis
Actonel vertical LCD alarm clock Caduet blood pressure cuff Celebrex PS2 mouse
Karvea / Karvezide torch Lipitor magnifying glass with built in light Lyrica / Celebrex 2GB USB memory card
Micardis stainless steel instrument dish
20cm x 11cm x 5cm
Nexium toothed paper clip (9cm length) Micardis USB mini paper shredder
16cm x 12cm x 14cm
(also supports AC / DC power)
Pristiq torch Rhinocort solid glass coaster Solvay thermos & 2 mugs in carry bag
25cm x 13cm
Symbicort solid glass coaster Zeldox wireless USB PowerPoint PPT presenter / laser pointer
Human Skeleton & Skull Anatomical Model 85cm - Medical Anatomy
Hip joint anatomical model
21cm x 10cm - does not include width of stand
Kidney anatomical model
14cm in length
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease model (GORD)
Vytorin examination torch Lipitor 2GB USB memory card
(this is a used item)
Ultibro 1GB USB memory card